Ponyhof Kollektiv für unkonventionellen Tanz

who we are


We are three performers/dancers. We do improvisation performances. What we do is not an usual kind of performance, it is based on improvisation and somatic practices. We are very different personalities, but we share a sense for humor, which colors what we do. We look for the right context in which we can perform. We can perform in many contexts. We are tired of having to search for money. We want you to know that we exist. That after over 20 years of professional experience we are still active. We want to perform, maybe you know a context which will make sense for us.

As a trio we create an unique performance, funny, undefinable, site- specific, audience friendly. What is unique? To organize a performance, to organize anything is so much work. We look for a manager, for an angel, interested in our unusual, non-spectacular, professional, high-quality trio. We look for a manager who wants to make us tour.
We are incessantly looking for this person, who is not only going to save the world, but also make us internationally famous. The first famous antihero impro dance company.